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There are $2000 exactly in store credits on this card. On recorded video and audio,the card balance will be verified by a Home depot employee, the card will then be placed in the envelope and sealed, while still recording with the envelope never leaving site of the video camera and the camera will never stop rolling, it will be taken to the nearest mailbox and dropped inside. There will be no discrepancies of whether or not the money is there because I will have video/audio proof on record. I will absolutely not accept any return whatsoever. If you look at my reviews the money has always been there and I have nothing but satisfied customers. I also know that the money will not be extracted from the card by Home Depot for any type of fraudulent means because I myself returned 2k worth of items that were purchased with store credit and returned with the receipts, that way I could consolidate everything on to one card. Thank you now go to bidding War.


This is a great way to get a hard to find gift person a gift he will love!

I got this as part of a Christmas gift. I checked to see if the card was good on the on-line gift card center that Home Depot has & it said it was good for the amount & would never expire.
I know my husband will use this gift card & this way he can get what he wants & needs, since getting him to tell me is like pulling teeth from a wild boar. (LOL) This will help him do the projects that he has & also help maintain our, his mother & my mother's household Honey do projects. This is a great way to get that hard to find gift person a gift he will Love.Read full review...



I Used one of the coupons yesterday at Home Depot. It didn't work on everything purchased but still saved $50! One more coupon to use, so more money will be saved! Thank you so much!

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Save a bundle using Home Depot Gift Cards

Home Depot Cards are just like cash at Home Depot. I checked with my local Home Depot ( always a good idea). The Gift Cards, since they are like cash- are accepted on ANYTHING at my Home Depot.So.. you know you need to do some shopping-- check ebay 1st for Home Depot Cards-- buy 1 ( allowing enough time to receive it before you need to shop) Another great way to ADD to savings is acquire some Home Depot Coupons too. Always check what they are good on. Always check with your local Home Depot if/how they are accepted. With current economic times-- pre-meditating & planning purchases ( and savings) using ebay is a great dollar stretcher! Enjoy your shoppingRead full review...


Works for me

My local Lowes accepts this card no problem. However, I did check with them ahead of time. Saved $100 on a new lawn tractor. SWEET?

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Home Depot has a large variety of products and Great customer Service!

Home Depot Card is just as in the picture and is a Great place to shop. Their large variety of goods and products all in a single location makes it a favorite place of mine to shop. They provide positive customer service also when help is needed. I highly recommend this Gift Card to Home Depot.Read full review...


Great and very useful product

I have bought several Home Depot gift cards. All were as described and with correct totals. There were no problems or difficulties in using them. They all went towards new washer and dryer and since they were cheaper than the totals and with competitor coupons and store sales savings quickly add up. They also work great as a gift;) I'm always looking for a good deal and Home Depot card is always needed and any household could have very good use out of it.Read full review...


Gift cards

A Home Depot girft card is very versatile. It doesn't just mean tools or buliding material, but a wide variety of items anyone can use. Interior design, holiday items and flowers/plants are somethings for all. I usually look to get a gift card or a return merchandise card for no less than ten percent the value of the card. Then, when I do purchase something using the card, I like to have a ten percent off coupon as well so I am saving even more. In this economy, every little bit helps!Read full review...


Get it for less than face value and you have a real deal.

When it comes to paying for things, gift cards can be a real boon, particularly when they are associated with the store you're patronizing. I used my Home Depot card at a Home Depot store where they cheerfully used the card to deduct $25 from my purchase balance. It worked beautifully! I cannot recommend gift cards highly enough. They are like plastic money.Read full review...


Additional Discount with Home Depot

Buying Home Depot cards at Ebay is a great way to save money. Not only do I get about 10% off right away, I also get eBay Bucks. I can use these towards more Home Depot cards. In addition, http://www.projectfills.com/au/dollar/HomeDepot has an extra discount you can use at Home Depot. It's great.Read full review...


Worked this time

Used ut in self check out line and they didn't check ID, but they generally do check, so i won't buy store credit for home depot anymore

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